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The main objective of the project is to complement the FP6 instruments and to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of FOOTWEAR and FOOTWEAR COMPONENTS manufacturer SMEs, small research teams, research centres, and those organisations from the Candidate Countries by means of:

  • Stimulation of technological innovation by supporting activities concerning the gathering, analysis and dissemination of information on Science and Technology developments, applications and markets.
  • Participation of SMEs/SME Groupings in FP6, particularly in Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence of potential interest for the shoe and auxiliary industry.

Some of the direct and indirect impacts of the project to the SMEs will be:

  • Creation of new jobs in the new developed technologies.
  • Preservation of market share and jobs thanks to the adaptation to new technologies.
  • Access to new technologies (technology transfer) and products.
  • Increase in sales and improved competitiveness thanks to innovation and Research.
  • Legal adaptation to new more demanding European Regulations (environment, health and safety).
  • Cost reduction and manufacturing process improvement.
  • Internationalisation and networking.
  • Integration in European more competitive supply chains.