Joint actions in fashion sector


Clustering approach of SHOES5000

SHOES5000 is involved in clustering activities with other projects in order to implement a close relationship and share initiatives to be more effective and reach a larger span of SMEs. In this context, SHOES5000 and FASHION NET are developing joint actions in the fashion sector.

“FASHION NET” is a project funded by EC under FP6 and focuses on promoting networking activities aiming at fostering innovation and technology transfer among European SMEs of the fashion system, meaning the sector which includes textiles, apparel, shoes, leather and connected horizontal activities (design, supply chain, environment, etc.)

Main Objectives

  • Enhancing competitiveness of SMEs acting within the fashion system with Innovation & Research.

  • Facilitating SME access and participation in the FP6.

  • Promoting cooperation and knowledge-sharing process.

  • Strengthening networks and partnerships amongintermediaries, and among cluster of SMEs across the Enlarged Europe.

Coordination Activities

  • Comunication & Information Platform
  • 4 Databases
  • 2 Conferences
  • 155 Audit
  • Best Practices Study
  • 6 Innovation Workshops + Training
  • 4 Transregional Twinnings Seminars
  • Expert personnel Exchange Programmes